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    The Magnificent W7

    Hello boys and girls, experienced and beginners, shroomers and non-shroomes! You are all welcome to join "The Magnificent W7", as we are looking for having fun together while we're aiming for top 10 HoF. To achieve that we need you to:
    - be active: 100-300 thirst
    - have the 30-50% mount
    - make use of all the appropriate potions
    - fill the scrapbook as much and as fast as you can
    - last, but not least: donate

    Like I said in the beginning ALL the players, shroomers and casual alike, are welcome as long as you're active and want to be among the best. So feel free to contact Valyk ingame.

    I'll see you in there!

    All right, ladies and gents. We have put up a good team here, at The Magnificent W7 after this gold event. This is what we achieved so far:

    - 21 level of fortress
    - 36% Gold Bonus
    -32% Experience Bonus

    Anyone of you applying now should contact me or one of the officers to upgrade the fortress for you.

    I will try to keep you up to date with our stats here weekly (that's the limit imposed by the forum rules).


      Hello guys. We did a good job so far:

      - 25 fortress
      - 36% Gold Bonus
      - 44% Experience Bonus

      It may seem a little bit lower the bonuses, but that's because we upgraded the fortress a lot, as we had many requests to join the guild. But, giving the XP event in the next weekend we are going to focus on Instructor now.
      Also, as we reached level 25 fortress, we need a warranty for the new recruits. We cannot afford spending mushrooms for a player that quits the game after 2 days. So the new players that want to join us will either need to bring some mushrooms in, or accept a 48 hours observation for their activity. Still, there will not be a low level limit, so everybody is welcome. Thank you for your understanding.


        It's time for a new update, after the Experience event weekend have passed. Our family got bigger and we also improved our bonuses:
        - 29 fortress
        - 50% Gold
        - 62% XP

        We are also just about to start our guild raids now.

        Still no low level limit for the new recruits, but like I said in the previous post we need a warranty that you will be active (you will find it in the guild description as well).
        Also we could use a few more experienced players who want to share some of their experience with the new players.
        Have fun!
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          New stats:
          - 33 fortress (31 members)
          - 58% gold
          - 66% XP

          - raids not yet started, but plenty of money. I'm waiting for more members so you can all benefit from them.

          Mushroom players needed.