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    Fabled Few Recruiting

    Recruiting? YES

    Fabled Few is an friendly, and ambitious community of players and we are looking for active and friendly players to join us! We are aiming for the top and we know that reaching #1 will most likely take awhile but are willing to go the distance in order to get there!

    ~Our Stats~

    66% Treasure
    66% Instructor
    Fortress LvL 33

    ~Things we can offer you~

    • An experienced leader. I run 2 other guilds in other games.
    • An active community full of friendly people who are always up for some fun.
    • A dedicated guild who is aiming for the top and not going to stop till we get there!

    ~Requirements to Join~

    • Be an active player.
    • Be willing to join in on as many guild activities as you can! (aka donating, raids, fights)
    • Be friendly! We are trying to create an enjoyable guild where everyone can have a great time!

    Our Website:

    So if your interested or have questions, PM me in game requesting to join. My IGN is RocknWizard.
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    New Members!

    Welcome, to all of our new members! We are glad to have you on the team with us! I hope you all enjoy it here with us! Over the last few days we've grown quite a bit! We went from 2 members to 9 in about 24 hours! Nice to see almost everyone donating as well!


      Just Got Our Website

      We just got our website up and running for any new members to refer them too! Guild is progressing very nicely!


        We have opening for players dedicated to this server (Int. W7), who enjoy a fun and somewhat crazy Guild. Mostly English speaking Guild, but we have players from many other countries also.

        No need to chat or worry if your do not speak English well.

        Fort is currently Lvl. 33
        Treasurer- Lvl. 31 (62% Gold bonus)
        Instructor- Lvl 31 (62% Exp. bonus)

        Must be Lvl 20, Required donations of 10 hours Guard duty gold daily.
        Mushroom donations are not required, but if you buy shrooms, donating a few when you win some from the Wheel is appreciated. More shrooms = more upgrades.
        Must participate in Guild activities (Guild Wars and Raids)
        Inactivity of 3+ days without notifying the GL or an Officer gets you kicked.
        Not donating enough gold for your level gets 1 warning. After 1st warning if you do not begin donating gold you will be kicked.

        (Judging me openly about my Hello Kitty themed Fort and my habit of sitting in the corner of the Guild living room under my Hello Kitty Blanket... will get stink bombs planted around your Fort while you are offline asleep. Hello Kitty sees everything. And is vengeful. )

        Other Guilds are falling apart due to the new server opening and players leaving Int. W7.
        We aren't going anywhere. Here for the long haul, moving up the leaderboard with HONOR. (We don't kick tiny guilds in the face just because we can. We fight honorably.)

        If you need a home, want a crazy family to join and understand honor and fair play, join us. Message RocknWizards or Toxic Ginger in game for an interview and potential invite. (We do vet new applicants.)


          We just finished our first guild dungeon! I'll be posting it to our youtube channel and updating it to the website here soon!


            2nd Guild Raid done with ease!

            We still have spaces for active players who are:

            Lvl 20 or better. (Consideration will be given for lower level players if you are a Mushroom donator and power leveler...)

            Willing to donate 10 hours Guard Duty equivalent of Gold daily (Costs for Raids and multiple Guild Wars/week add up... Mushroom donations are not necessary, but are always helpful.)

            Able to read and speak basic English (We are mainly English speaking, but all nationalities are welcome. But Guild mail is sent in English.)

            Active daily or almost daily. (inactivity of 3 days without notifying Guild Leader and Officers may get you kicked without notice. Valid reason for inactivity will be given consideration for an invite back for a second chance, but third chances are RARE.)

            Current Guild Levels-
            Fort- Lvl 33
            Treasure- Lvl 40 (80% Gold bonus)
            Instructor- Lvl 40 (80% Exp. bonus

            Please message RocknWizard in game or Officers CardinalSin or Toxic Ginger for consideration.

            A brief message about why you want to join us is helpful, and it needs to be in English (broken English is fine, Google Translate from your native language to English if need be. We do not care about bad spelling or grammar.) If you ask for an invite and do not accept within 1 day (24 hours), invites may be withdrawn. We want players who want to join our crazy family, not invite collectors.


              We are looking for new members.

              We are ranked 196 and want to climb higher, but we need more members.

              What we ask of you:
              1 - You are active daily (or at least almost daily)
              2 - You are lvl 20+
              3 - Donate 10 hours City Guard worth of gold each day you are active
              4 - Join in guild battles and raids

              What we can give you:
              Level 49 Treasury = 98% gold bonus
              Level 50 Instructor = 100% xp bonus

              If you would like to join them message CardinalSin in game for an invite.