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Shroomin recruiting active players

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    Shroomin recruiting active players

    International World 7 guild Shroomin Recruiting 4

    Our main focus is Raiding and the occasional guild vs guild fight. Very active guild looking for other active players. Top 200 guild heading up

    Mainly English speaking guild

    Bunch of us are RealLife friends that made the guild and became very active

    Guild perks:
    Player capacity 50
    Lvl 29 +4 Raid~ 66% gold bonus
    Lvl 29 +4 Raid~ 66% experience bonus
    380 Knight (gem upgrades)
    4/50 Raids Completed

    46 Members Current lvl range 35-115 lvl avg. 70

    Guild Requirement's:
    1) To be Daily Active
    2) Join your fellow brothers and sisters in the Guilds Conflicts!
    3) level 40+ pref.
    4) Be self driven and Evolve with us!
    send in game mail to
    Kamui Smash
    I'll reply asap! Thank you
    Last edited by Kamui Smash; 17 June 2016, 12:23 AM. Reason: Update

    2 spots open for like minded adventures


      1 spot currently open!
      3rd raid completed


        Guild seats at max of 50.. 4 spots open for active adventurers