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    Finding pets

    Do you have to defeat a pet before you can "find that pet".

    Example, in my list of fire pets, I have not yet been able to defeat Birblazey. In my list I do not see his picture, I see a ? (question mark).

    He's common and can be found in Black Forest on Summer Days. I have yet to nab him after MANY Black Forest runs.

    Do I have to defeat him with my other fire pets, to get his pic in my list, before I can possibly find him doing a Black Forest quest?


    First, you need to defeat a pet in its habitat to unlock it. Then you need to find it to collect it.
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      Originally posted by Leander View Post
      First, you need to defeat a pet in its habitat to unlock it. Then you need to find it to collect it.
      Thanks, I was wondering how "common" was common as I wasn't getting the eggs. This explains why.


        "Common" means you should get it as soon as you meet the correct conditions.

        If you take Birblazey as you mention it, once you defeat it, the "?" in the pet box will turn into a greyed-out Birblazey, then you need to quest in *Black Forest* be during the *day* (6am-6pm) in *summer* (june 1st - August 31st), which is about just now
        Also, be sure that the quest does not offer a set reward (hourglass or item) because it'll overwrite the pet egg reward.
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          Each pet unlocked to be catchable (? removed once your pets beat that one) displays in its grey area the conditions to catch it.

          Besides the previous repliers' warning that you cannot capture one during a mission which has a stated reward, I found that the odds of getting the egg are higher in missions with the shortest duration (never caught one yet in missions longer than 3'30'').
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            The corresponding pet must be killed in the habitat before unlocking the pets. The quest will then reveal the egg of this pet. ... Many things have changed since the original release of pets.