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Account lost, cant log in

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    Account lost, cant log in

    World:international w58
    Nick: PancioMG

    Account was conected with Facebook account and i tried conect it many Times with email but i never recieved message on email adres. So i tried unconnect account with Facebook and tried again conect with email but again no message on email adres. And next i couldnt log in on account cuz game want password when i never create any password for this acc

    I bought shrooms on this acc and this is my last payment for prove this is my acc
    Payment was from paysafecard account

    Kwota transakcji: 199,99 PLN

    Online shop : Altigi GmbH

    Date: 24.09.2022 14:43

    ID online shop: 1000003163

    Transaction number : 142424178-1

    Can u help me and connect email [email protected] with this account? Im waiting 3 days for help but polish support isnt helpful and im waiting too long, i losing events and legendary dungeon. Hope for quick reply

    Thanks for help, PancioMG

    What's the related support ticket ID?


      2022092969000813 that was last ticket from yesterday


        Ok, found it, it is being processed. I expect you will get a reply in a timely manner.


          Thanks for reply, but im waiting 3 days cuz this is not my first ticket but second (they didnt answer yet for first, thats why i wrote second) and im losing now important events. And its almost 24 hours, i know im not alone here. But at the first application I wrote that I bought mushrooms on the account and I got an answer "do you bought any shroms on acc if ye prove that". So if they don't continue to read with understanding, it will take centuries. Anyway im glad u reply fast, hope they help me before day will end. I was thinking some 1 here can help me faster but i see i need just wait and its anoying.
          Best Wishes PancioMG


            I have my account back but still i dont have any mail on email adress when i click send again, cuz i need confirm my email now


              You reconnected your account to Facebook again. When being connected to a third party service, email verification does not work. This may change in the future but right now, it is not possible.


                If you still need help, please reply to the ticket.
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