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    Guild skill points

    Hello again.
    I have a question regarding the new skill points system in guilds.

    I started a guild pretty recently (a month or so) on w28 and I see the guild total skill points and automatically the bonuses are changing and (I think) I realised why (although it took me a while) and it seems very weird as it is.

    Since the fortress is level 50 for any guild now I started using the free slots to invite people and so now I am the leader of a guild with 25 members and ~15-25 players invited usually (the number of invited people changes pretty often).

    I noticed that when I invited a set of players the guild's total skill points (for both treasure and instructor) changed, more exactly increased, but the players were just invited, not members (or so my logic works).
    When I kicked them ('cause I realised after a while of not responding to my message &/or invite that they were not active anymore; had no potions, mount, etc.) I realised the skill points changed again, this time decreased.

    So in the Upgrades section of the guild, at least for me it appears that the guild's Group Skill (XP & Gold) and automatically the bonuses for both XP & Gold is added up from all members and also the invited players in the guild.

    So when the guild has ~15-25 players invited the group skills are somewhere between 300 and 450 (60%+ bonuses) but with only the guild members alone I calculated the total Group Skill and bonuses and they are 228 (45.6% bonus) for Treasure/Gold and 234 (46.8% bonus) for Instructor/XP.

    Now I'm very confused, are the guild bonuses really added up from the total of players, both members and invited people or is it just a visual thing, a 'bug' and the skill from invited players don't count/apply/add to the total Group Skill?

    I am confused whether a guild's total Group Skill (for Instructor and Treasure) and bonuses from them are affected by invited people in the guild or not. In my guild the group skill is added from both (normal members & invited) or at least that's how I see it.

    I really hope that invited people do not count towards bonuses. That would practically enable contribution towards multiple guilds. You might be right though. When the system changed the invited people also counted and affected the number of skill points each real member was gifted with.


      Normally, invited players don't add their skill points. At the moment it seems they do but this is not intentional. This bug is already in our queue.

      EDIT It is a display error only.
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