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Cannot kick the lowest level member?

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    Cannot kick the lowest level member?

    I am the guild leader in the NL server s3
    but I cannot kick the lowest level member... when I try to click the player Guľรดčka (I know, perfect nick right? maybe all those weird characters are the root of the bug) I keep seeing the last player I have looked at (in the screenshot below, it was a player called GreenWitch)

    What is wrong with that ghost player?

    EDIT: if I try to search that player in the Hall of Fame, it says Character not found. But that ghost takes one spot in my guild
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    I believe that you will be able to kick him if you switch to the flash version. Maybe you should try it to see if the bug appears in both versions of the game.


      Please send a support ticket! We used to allow names with special characters that are not supported kicking them won't work.

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