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    Berserker UP?

    hey guys

    i just read a ton of threads that claim how OP the Berserk is and how the math works out to make it balanced.

    still i Fail to make him balanced to other classes.
    He uses a warrior weapon and has only scout gear.

    his special gives him 50% chance to skip enemy turns which is basically the same as not skipping turn but evade the enemy attack. (skipping the evade animation)

    yeah, i read a ton of how unfair it is, if he strikes 16 times in a row with you not being able to hit back, but on the other hand i can't seem to find a difference to attacking 16 times in a row and missing each one. it feels different, yes, because you have the illusion to at least try to hit back, but that doesn't change anything for the outcome.

    as a matter of fact there are scout vids where the zerk attacks X times in a row and the scout dodges ALL of em finishing the fights at 100% HP. so everyone should now claim that the Scout is OP since he can kill the zerk without being touched.

    Anyway back to the math.
    if we now set the 50% chance to hit again equal to 50% dodge (which it is) the zerk is a scout with the damage of a warrior. and THIS is Inferior to all classes.
    so would one of the math ppl. that claim that the zerk is equal to all classes please point out, how they got to the claim or what I'm missing here?
    for me he's clearly weaker than other classes with same stats/gear by about 20%.

    if i set a zerk equal to a scout it's easy to proof.
    since i have a 50% chance to attack again and the scout dodges 50% of my hits then every time i get an extra hit, the scout dodges it. (statistic)

    which leaves us with zerk loosing every battle since he deals less dmg per hit.

    if we set zerk equal to warrior it's a bit more math.
    we are assuming both have 100 dmg.
    the zerkhas 300HP, therefore the warrior has 375HP.

    the zerk has 25% armor, the warrior 50%. this means the zerk deals 50dmg to the warrior.
    The warrior deals 75 dmg to the zerk.

    now the zerk gets 50% chance to hit again. so let's assume every 2nd hit he hits again. so he will hit with 100/50/100/50 to keep it simple.

    as we can see the average for the zerk is 75 as well. now the warrior still has more HP which makes him stronger. now let's go as far as as assuming the zerk always hits twice! it's against all odds. but just give him that. now he would deal 100 dmg each turn and be stronger, right?
    and now i hope you're screaming because i forgot a vital thing.

    the warrior can also block! he's already stronger without it, but if we factor in blocking every 4th attack the zerk looses every match even when hitting twice each round! (statistic)

    now mage.
    if mage vs warrior is fair, how can mage vs zerk be fair if the zerk is a warrior with less HP? or a scout with less dmg? since armor doesn't matter and the mage always dealing double dmg, the zerk now needs to hit twices every round as well, but even then he's lacking the HP of a warrior or the dmg of the scout to make it even.

    i know this is very theoretical and that the zerk can win even uneven matches. but that's the point, he does need more luck than other because he seems weaker than others to me.

    but maybe I'm missing some info or some number. if you know what I'm missing please inform me, but as it currently stands, the zerk is NOT balanced, it's weaker than any other class!

    Please confirm me wrong! =D
    Last edited by Ceroth; 11 October 2019, 10:59 AM.

    I agree with you, in the long run berserkers are going to be the weak class in pvp.

    But the point is that in new servers berserkers have ha faster exp curve since they can shroom mage dungeons that are impossible for other classes.
    This initial advantage is crucial


      yes. early they will be faster than other classes, but as soon as you reach the skill cap, you're going to loose ground since you have to pay 12M gold (they need 20% more str for the same dmg that other classes get.) for the same stats other classes get for 10M which will ultimately slow them down, even in dungeon progression.

      at least i hope that was not the planned way of him. it would be the first class that's an "early bird".