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    So it's not 75% total, it's 75% of 60%. Now I've got it, thanks! Would make more sense if it wouldn't be capped at 75% for every element. With no cap I could get 100% resistance against 2 elements. Two 75% of each and one 25% total.
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      Important clarification (just updated the manual):

      "Total resistance, max. +25% per item, up to +75% for all items"


      "Hint: Elemental damage is percentual damage based on your normal damage and elemental resistance reduces the elemental damage from runes percentually.

      For example, if you deal 100k damage in a fight round and your weapon has a +10% fire damage rune, your total damage is 110k. Now your opponent's resistance comes into play. Let's assume he/she has a total of 15% fire resistance. Your opponent suffers 100k damage from your normal damage but only 85% of your fire damage because of his/her fire resistance of 15%. Therefore, you deal a total damage of 108,500 hit points (of course further reduced by his/her armor).

      Therefore, your elemental damage is NOT neutralized if the opponent's resistance has a higher value than your elemental damage."
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