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Validation Steam Issues

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    Validation Steam Issues

    OK, so first off - this is entirely my own fault - my stupidity - but a little help would be appreciated.
    I was going through my toons trying to get the email system to work so I could also play them on my Ipad when I can't get to my PC, first couple worked, some of the others no validation email came through but I'll keep working on those.
    Big issue is my toon on Int #20 Methusela 337 Mage I tried to do the email thing but also managed to unconnect from steam, now the only way i can do anything with this toon is to log in on the email, but it won't recognise the email as it wasn't validated because the validation email didn't come through.
    So fully accepting I'm an idiot how can I get access back to my toon please?
    Thanks in advance

    Please send an ingame support ticket.
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