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special text while on adventure in tavern

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    special text while on adventure in tavern

    sure this question was asked alot, but i didnt find any solution. SOmetimes when i watch my quest i can see a text like *bla bla bla go to the The nevermoor bla bla * . is that some kind of special quest? because i cant find where the nevermorr is or what these texts are.

    Hope someone can explain me or send a link witrh the explanation
    Have a good nigth !

    You can notice that every quest has a location written in it's description. That does not mean that you are supposed to go anywhere or do something. It's just a piece of lore that you can ignore most of the time.

    ... unless ..

    The only times you will care about the locations are:
    - When trying to achieve the Globetrotter achievement (requires you to visit all locations in same day)
    - When collecting pets, since some can be caught only in specific locations.
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