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    Hey all! How are you?. I want to return to the game, and I see that there are new classes. What do you recomend me? I think i will play in the last int server. Thanks!

    Depends If you are f2p player then just choose any class that sounds interesting to you.

    Battle Mage - Warrior with a fireball instead of block. Is very slow in dungeons but good in PvP.
    Assassin - Same as scout, but 2 weapons. Is more consistent, but you need to keep both weapons up to date.
    Berserker - Same as scout, but instead of evading he can attack multiple times (50% chance) in a row. Can do it against a mage too, but receives double damage from him. This makes him really good when shrooming.
    Demon Hunter - Warrior armor, scout weapon, cannot dodge but can revive multiple times (25% chance) to full health. Revive does not work against mages.
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