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Rune bonuses and the required amount of runes

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    Rune bonuses and the required amount of runes


    So I recently hit 27-ish nonillion runes in the arena manager. If that doesn't seem like much to you, that's because it's not. I used to sacrifice when the runes hit ten times of what I had originally but as that eventually hit a slow, grinding halt (all the responsible goblins have been given a bath in the city moat), I made changes to sacrifice every time it doubled.

    Anyway, when I jumped from 13 ish to 27 ish nonillion, I noticed that items with +16 % gold bonus started popping up at the store, as opposed to the +15 % bonus, which was my record until then. Which is great, because that's only 1 % away from the mythical threshold where I don't have to wear four gold items for questing, but only three!

    This also led me to a realization that I know absolutely nothing about how many runes does one need for the item bonuses to go up. Sure, the general trend is for them to go up all the time forever, but curious as ever, I'd like to know some more specific milestones in the going-up process.

    Anyone got any data about this or at least some recollections, anecdotes or prophetic dreams about when it happened to you?

    -Katara Thanxelzi
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      Oh, thank you, that is perfectly exactly what I had in mind!

      I was also completely wrong with my estimate of xp bonus increases. Huh.

      Well, I should hit that 17% in about half of January, then!


        Try to sacrifice when u get x2 the amount u already have, if not sacrificing every day ^^