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    Gem drop rate

    Hi everybody !
    I'm asking me a few questions about gem drop rate.

    Is it the same for each element ?
    Does the rarity of the gem has any influence on it's drop rate ?
    What about the black gem ?
    Does knights increase black gem drop rate ?

    If I have enough informations i'll create a document where i summarize these datas.

    Thanks a lot,

    To your first question: I think yes

    To your last question: For every guild member that has 15+ knights, the chance of finding black gems increases by 1%. So if all members have 15+ knights, you can have up to 50% chance
    w41 - The Crusaders


      what i think how it is handled ....

      without any black gems:
      we have 20% for each colour.

      After that we have a 33% chance to get a size ....

      So here to get a big green for example you have a chance of 1/5 * 1/3 = 1/15 = 6,67%

      If we go into the black gems:
      Getting a big black is 16,67% because of its first choice. 50% black or colour.
      Getting now a big green is only 1/30 = 3,33% so half of before.