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Our event mix for the last weekend in March

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    Our event mix for the last weekend in March

    Hello everyone,

    today I have the honor to write a news in our int. forums

    This friday, saturday and sunday we will have the following events to celebrate the end of the month March:
    Crazy Mushroom Harvest, Lucky Day, Fantastic Fortress Festivity, Epic Good Luck Extravaganza, Forge Frenzy Festival & Tidy Toilet Time

    And next week, as maybe known for the beginning of a new month: Exceptional XP Event, Epic Quest Extravaganza & Sands of Time Special

    One more thing: This sunday the clocks will be set to daylight saving time (summer time) and that means that the time will jump from 2 a.m. directly to 3 a.m.
    As for the game this means that quests shortly started before 2 a.m. will be directly finished one the clock hits 2/3 a.m. and the producing buldings ingame will also be increased in that second

    Have a good time and all the best wishes,