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Events and find pet Liphant on April 1st!

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    Events and find pet Liphant on April 1st!

    Hello and welcome to our wednesday news!

    The first part of the news goes to all friends of our pets because on April 1st (this friday) you will be able to find the 17th light pet Liphant in Split Canyon (if you have already beaten him in the light habitat!).

    Talking about friday, of couse we will have some events this friday, saturday and sunday and those are:
    Exceptional XP Event, Epic Quest Extravaganza & Sands of Time Special

    The upcoming week will be very interesting because we'll then be in the Easter month and we got a lot of stuff to announce (do I hear "update" in the audience? Spoiler alert!!!).
    Some of the events next week will be: Witches' Dance, Glorious Gold Galore, Crazy Mushroom Harvest, Forge Frenzy Festival, Days of Doomed Souls, Tidy Toilet Time, Assembly of Awesome Animals

    More on that will be announced in the beginning/middle of next week, so stay tuned and keep an eye on the news section here!

    Allright, that*s all for today, have fun, a nice time and hopefully good weather (not to jinx it now!).
    All the best wishes,