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Easter Update, Legendary Dungeon and Weekend Events

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    Easter Update, Legendary Dungeon and Weekend Events

    Hello heroes!

    Now it's time to get eggcited as our EASTER UPDATE V12 is here! Check out this link for the complete list* of new features, changes and fixed bugs:

    On Friday, April 8th at 16 CET the gates to the magical LEGENDARY DUNGEON "Fantastic Legendaries and Where to Find Them" will open! This time you'll have 11 days till Easter Monday 16 CET to discover all the mystical secrets hidden in the ancient school of magic! You can already watch the brand-new dungeon video:

    Moreover, we will have the following WEEKEND EVENTS from Friday to Sunday: Crazy Mushroom Harvest, Glorious Gold Galore, Witches' Dance, Assembly of Awesome Animals, Forge Frenzy Festival, Days of Doomed Souls & Tidy Toilet Time.
    All details:

    Preview of next weekend: Egg Hunt, Crazy Mushroom Harvest, Exceptional XP Event, Sands of Time Special, Fantastic Fortress Festicity, Forge Frenzy Festival, Assembly of Awesome Animals & Tidy Toilet Time.

    *New entries in the changelog (still secret in yesterday's post):

    New features:

    Legendary Dungeon: new version "Fantastic Legendaries and where to find them" with new graphics, monsters, text and sound
    Legendary Dungeon: 3 new Legendaries (shoes, necklace, lucky charm)
    Legendary Dungeon: new escape sound for female characters
    Events: new Egg Hunt event during Easter that rewards you with pet eggs you don't already have


    Legendary Dungeon: reworked and improved drop chance of Legendary items
    Legendary Dungeon: now you can only enter the dungeon after installing the latest game version

    Fixed bugs:

    Legendary Dungeon: gaining a blessing/suffering a curse was displayed twice in some circumstances
    Legendary Dungeon: after completing a run reward chest of Legendary item was displayed twice in some circumstances
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