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Easter Events and Egg Hunt

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    Easter Events and Egg Hunt

    Hello heroes!

    Time to get eggcited once again as we are celebrating Easter with the following EASTER EVENTS from Friday to Monday: Egg Hunt, Crazy Mushroom Harvest, Exceptional XP Event, Sands of Time Special, Fantastic Fortress Festivity, Forge Frenzy Festival, Assembly of Awesome Animals & Tidy Toilet Time.

    All details:
    Preview of next weekend: Glorious Gold Galore, Witches' Dance, Assembly of Awesome Animals & Days of Doomed Souls.

    EGG HUNT is a completely new event! Visit the bartender and complete tasks to be rewarded with pet eggs you don't already have, and fruit. You need to claim your rewards while the event is still live.
    You can play Egg Hunt up to and including Easter Monday, and the Legendary Dungeon till Monday, 16 CET!

    Also remember that you can find the EASTER PET earth 15 from Friday to Monday after unlocking it in its habitat. Moreover, you can find EASTER EPICS up to and including Wednesday, April 20!
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