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    Informations on update 12.100

    Hello my fellow adventures,

    I have the honor to introduce the upcoming update version 12.100 to you.

    We plan to release it tomorrow and your local clients (browser, Steam, iOS, Android) will get an update, too. So check your stores in the next days to prevent errors while playing the game.

    Of course I got the changelog for you:

    New features
    • General: animation speed of fights can be changed now
    • Hellevator:
      • New Treason-themed locations and enemies
      • Enemies deal elemental damage and have resistances now
      • New Hell Tokens Collection Campaign which will reward you for collecting Hell Tokens every day
      • New shop "Beelzebub's Emporium" where you can buy treats that have a positive effect on your fighting power
    • Pets: you can find the Whitsun/Pentecost pet (earth 16) during the entire Whitsun/Pentecost event now

    • General:
      • Moved international worlds to own list instead of being displayed for every country
      • Fights: attacking twice unintentionally by pressing the fight button too quickly is prevented more effectively now
    • Hellevator:
      • Added three new icons to reward screen to show what character backgrounds you can win
      • Locked guild members are now marked for guild members in the Hellevator, and their Hell Tokens are not taken into account
      • Guilds will only be displayed in the rankings after collecting at least one Hell Token
      • Expanded rankings of own guild with player level, best floor and current floor
      • The Hellevator banner in the guild remains clickable as long as the reward can be claimed
    • Hall of Fame: own rank is displayed in the International Hall of Fame now

    Fixed bugs
    • General:
      • On new game worlds, the Daily Login Calendar will reward you only starting on the day after the official launch
      • Controls: using numpad hotkeys and the enter key no longer trigger wrong actions
    • Todo list: Zookeeper task is displayed regardless of its state now
    • Hellevator: timer of key cards always shows correct time now, even when closing the game and launching it again later
    • Character:
      • Druids no longer change equipped mask when you click another player's secondary weapon/shield slot
      • Fixed a display bug of your companions' hit points if attributes were too high
    • Tavern: if you don't have any pets, the tavern button no longer flashes during "Egg Hunt" event
    • Blacksmith: increasing a weapon's attributes displays the correct value now if more than one attribute upgrade is applied (no more rounding error)
    • Mail: too long names no longer overlap the time stamp of fight messages
    • Wheel of Fortune: rewards are no longer displayed twice
    Mobile Apps

    • Improved detection of portrait/landscape mode for smartphones and tablets

    Allright, we will get closer to this within the next few days, so stay tuned and have a nice day and much fun with Shakes & Fidget.
    Best wishes,