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Version 12.100, the Hellevator and our events this week!

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    Version 12.100, the Hellevator and our events this week!

    Hello fellow heroines and heroes,

    within the next hour the game worlds will be offline for a short time and we will update the game to version 12.100.
    Browser players have to reload the game page after that to ensure the new client version is loaded, too.
    If you are using the mobile apps or Steam, please check your store regulary for an update of your local client to prevent errors that might be shown by your older client. Thanks

    I want to give you a little sneak peak on the new Hellevator we present with this update.
    This one is themed around the hell circle of treason. Again you have to ensure your whole guild works together to ensure not just a good but a superb result in this event.
    To help you, Beelzebub opened a shop with snacks that might help you defeat an enemy that before just blocked your path.
    And your daily effort won't be unpaid due to a new helltoken collection system for each player to get more loot out of the Hellevator.

    Stay tuned for more info coming before the start of the Hellevator on Friday, 27th of May, 4 p.m.!

    But now we have to talk events, more precise the events happening this Friday, Saturday and Sunday:
    Assembly of Awesome Animals, Witches' Dance, Glorious Gold Galore, Days of Doomed Souls

    And of course I can give you a glimpse on some of the events we planned for the end of next week (and therefore the last event mix of May):
    Fantastic Fortress Festivity, Tidy Toilet Time, Piecework Party, Exceptional XP Event, Glorious Gold Galore

    Allright, that is all for today, let me end this news with all the best wishes to you and continue having fun with Shakes & Fidget.

    Wallpaper in HD: