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Game world 56 International and an invitation to our demon hunter rebalancing tests

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  • Jörg
    Hello heroes!
    We observed that the Demon Hunter seems to be not quite on the same level as other classes. Thus, we rebalanced this class to make it more competitive and attractive to be played.
    Now, you as experienced heroes come into play. Play and test the rebalanced Demon Hunter class from Monday, 23 May 2022, for two weeks on the beta server under The beta server will open its doors at 2pm (UTC+2) on Monday and will be closed on 5 June 2022 at 2pm (UTC+2).

    During the test phase the following parameters are set so that we can get comparable sets of data through the test:
    - Only Demon Hunters can be created and played.
    - The following starting conditions will be set:
    • 4,000 mushrooms
    • 1,000 gold
    • Dragon Griffin for two weeks
    • 100,000 wood
    • 50,000 stones
    - The Mushroom Dealer won’t be available.
    - All accounts created for the test will be deleted afterwards.
    - To have enough enemies we copy non-playable game characters from the german world s31 onto this beta server.

    We wish all of you loads of fun with the test and look forward to receiving your feedback. We thank you very much for your support.

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  • Game world 56 International and an invitation to our demon hunter rebalancing tests

    Heyho my friends,

    before everyone is gone and enjoying the weekend, I got two informations for you and therefore I will split the news to keep a clean overview for you and me.

    Let's start with game world w56 International, which will be open for adventure next friday at 4 p.m. CEST and you are invited to take part in the new adventures that await.
    The pre-register phase for will start on monday afternoon so you have enough time to register your character and save it via email or SSO with Steam/Google/Apple/Facebook and get not 10 but 25 mushrooms if this happens till the start of the game world!

    The fitting guild section is also ready for your postings, you find it here.