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Registration w56, Demon Hunter test and infos on bugfixes for the new backend

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    Registration w56, Demon Hunter test and infos on bugfixes for the new backend

    Hello and have a good start into the ne week!

    Let me please take the time to give some informations on the following subjects:

    1. Pre-registration and start of w56 International
    Like mentioned on last friday world 56 International will start this friday at 4 p.m..
    The pre-registration phase will start today at about 4 p.m. and we will send out a newsletter ingame which contains a link for you to be able to reach this game world and create a game character there (especially when you plan on mobile apps and Steam).
    Please take the chance to save your game character before friday 4 p.m. and get not 10 but 25 mushrooms as an early starter!

    2. Demon Hunter balancing test on our beta server
    Today at about 2 p.m. our beta server ( will be ready for all of you and you can create and play a demon hunter for about 2 weeks long and help us rebalancing this character class. More details can be found here.

    3. The new backend and errors with inventory and shop slots
    We had some reports of players that had problems with either the inventory slots (not being able to move some items there) and shop slots (shops not loading 6 items and somehow showing your account as unvalidated).
    Those bugs should not occur anymore and we build a new function that checks your account on these bugs when you log in (and fixes them automatically).
    One problem stays here: If you are playing a SSO account (registered with Google, Apple, Steam), you may not be able to log in because the shop bug is active for your account. You will see a big, red mushroom.
    In this case please click on the ?, open a support ticket and report this to our support. We will help you. Thanks.

    Talking about "thanks". I have to say a big THANK YOU to all players reporting bugs, explaining things and having the patience to help us.
    Of couse we keep on working on all issues and getting the game as bugfree as it can be.

    On this I end todays news, have a good time and all the best wishes to you,