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[Info] Hellevator bugs - Rollback!

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    [Info] Hellevator bugs - Rollback!


    some players may have recognized that the Hellevator is producing bugs on the old backend.
    Rewards are way too high and so on.

    We are checking this right now and as soon as I got new informations, I will let you know directly.

    Until then,


    unfortunately, a kind of worst case has occurred, the following steps are not the best, but they are necessary:

    1. We take offline all game worlds running on the old backend
    2. We fix the bugs with the Hellevator
    3. We rollback to the backup as of 04:00 a.m. today
    4. We will then start up and test World 1 Germany
    5. If this is successful, all other game worlds are online again afterwards
    6. An automatic script will restore all purchases made after 04:00 a.m. today

    Or in short: the servers go offline and when they come back, the status of this morning at 4 a.m. is restored.

    The colleagues are still advising on appropriate compensation for you, because the step is so ugly, drastic but also necessary and unavoidable.

    Next week we will then internally check the process as to how this could have happened in the first place.

    For my part, I can only apologize on behalf of everyone here.

    Nevertheless, I wish you all the best, have fun with the Hellevator afterwards and have a nice weekend,


      Hey, me again with an update on the situation:

      The rollback for all "old backend" game worlds will happen this evening.
      The Hellevator will stay closed until further notice (expect no news on that this weekend), who don't want to rush things now.
      The Youtuber codes will be deactivated on the "old backend" game worlds.
      All players on those "old backend" game worlds will get 50 mushrooms for compensation.
      Players missing the daily login calendar unfortunately cannot be helped, there is no technical solution in sight for this. Sorry.

      Players on the new backend game worlds will play the Hellevator as intended. From today 4 p.m. till June 6th at 8 p.m.

      To keep an overview for you, the Hellevator will run on:
      AE: s2
      BR: s1, s2
      CL: s2
      CZ: s4, s5, s6, s10, s11, s12, s13, s14, s16, s19, s21, s23, s31, s32
      DE: buffed, rtl, rtl2, gamona, xchar, ingame, sevengames, s9, s15, s16, s25, s28, s31, s34, s38, s39, s40
      DK: tv2
      ES: minijuegos, s3, s5, s8, s9, s10, s12
      FR: s3, s5, s8, s10, s14, s15
      GR: 123playgames, s4, s5
      HU: s1, s2, s3, s4, s5, s6, s7, s8, s9, s10, s11, s12, s17, s18
      IN: s1
      INT: w22, w26, w33, w34, w36, w37, w38, w39, w40, w41, w42, w43, w44, w55, w56
      IT: s6, s8
      JP: s1
      MX: s1
      NL: s1, s3
      PL: wp, s6, s7, s9, s10, s11, s12, s15, s18, s19, s22, s26, s27, s28, s29, s31, s36
      PT: s1, s2, s3, s4, s5. s6, s7
      RO: s1
      RU: s1
      SE: s2
      SK: s2, s3
      TR: s2, s3, s4
      UK: s2
      US: s7, s8, s9

      I am really sorry for the trouble (family-friendly version of my feelings at the moment).


        To keep you up to date:

        The rollback process is done now and we will get to the "restore payments" process now.

        Thanks for your patience.


          Last news for today, sorry for the "news spam":

          The payments are restored, the 50 compensation mushrooms are granted.

          Missing, but on our list: mushrooms from the Offerwall/Fyber and the Lucky Coins gained by the flying tube. But those will be restored later (maybe it can take till monday. Sorry ).