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Hellevator – New starting date for the old backend

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    Hellevator – New starting date for the old backend

    Good news!

    The error which occurred on Friday despite of the event being tested intensively previous its release and which caused the cancellation of the Hellevator on servers running on the old backend could be identified and fixed.

    The problem was that a snack which provides a loot boost did not only count for the redeeming player but for the whole server, leading to an exponentially increasing effect of its benefit. In the worst case, a player could get loot of multiple millions of mushrooms.

    As the impact was not linear and not all players were affected in the same way, we had to stop the event. Otherwise, all players would have faced unfair advantages and disadvantages which on the long run would have ruined the game economy, especially, regarding the international Hall of Fame.

    What happens next?
    On Thursday, 2 June 2022 (4 pm), we will restart the Hellevator on to ensure that the event runs properly.
    On Friday, 3 June 2022 (4 pm), all other servers will follow on which the Hellevator was cancelled. The runtime will not be changed and will be 10 days ( until 12 June, 8 pm; all others: until 13 June, 8 pm).

    We would like to apologize once more for the inconveniences caused by the rollback and the rescheduling of the event.

    Good morning everyone,

    due to some questions regarding codes redeemable at the Mushroom Dealer's (on old backends only!), here a quick info:

    The Hellevator codes provided by our Youtuber partners will be redeemable after the Hellevator started again on your game world (the one's with the old backend).
    They are redeemable till sunday 4 p.m.!
    Also there were some players that used the Discord anniversary code discordanniversary3 on friday and due to the rollback it was not redeemable again.
    This will be possible again after the Hellevator started and this code is redeemable till sunday 11/59 p.m. / 23:59.

    Have a nice day,