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Pentecost: our events and the "Soulful Sale"

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    Pentecost: our events and the "Soulful Sale"

    Hello everyone and a big Welcome to our news,

    today I have the honor to accounce our event mix for the upcoming Pentecost weekend and on friday, saturday, sunday and monday the following events will be active:
    Crazy Mushroom Harvest, Epic Shopping Spree Extravaganza, Sands of Time Special, Exceptional XP Event, Epic Quest Extravaganza, Days of Doomed Souls

    Talking about "souls", we will have a special "Soulful Sale" at the mushroom dealer's. There is a time-limited and one-time-buy offer for the 24,99€ package this Pentecost weekend which includes more mushrooms and a soul pack for your character's underworld. The requirements for this pack are the same as for the normal "pack 3" offer: Level 120+, unlocked Arena Manager, underworld, pets and blacksmith features.

    The planned events for the end of next week will be announced later. Due to moving the Hellevator a whole week back on the old backend game worlds we want to have a special event weekend for the ending of those Hellevators, too (the events will be active on all worlds, no worries). So stay tuned, as soon as the event mix for that weekend is known, you will read them here in the news.

    The next info is for all the pet fans, because Pentecost also means, that the 16th earth pet can be found while the Pentecost event is active (and you beat the pet in the earth habitat before). So keep an eye for the right location!

    And on friday, 4 p.m., the Hellevator will finally start on all game worlds based on the old backend (here a list with all game worlds based on the new game backend)!

    Allright, that is all for today, enjoy your time and have a good day,