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Producer's Note #2

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    Producer's Note #2

    Reevaluation is a major part of game design. Sometimes game features simply do not work out as intended. Over the time we observed the existing classes of the Shakes & Fidget world and we have the feeling that some of them seem to be a bit underwhelming compared to other classes in the game.

    While we are comparing all classes against each other we take all aspects into account to decide if and which changes need to be made for each class. The goal is to get a fair and balanced gaming experience, no matter which class you chose when starting to play the game. To achieve this, we consider both, tweaking classes which are considered to be weak to be more competitive but at the same time we may consider to weaken overpowered classes.

    You may ask yourself if all classes will be changed at the same time. This is unlikely to happen. On one hand this is due to resources which would be blocked by working on a complete class overhaul and would then be missing for other important tasks. On the other hand, we need to see which influence a class rebalancing will have on all aspects of the game. Changing all classes at the same time would simply be too risky in this regard. Frankly spoken, there is no defined timeline or order of classes to be rebalanced.

    When speaking of classes to be rebalanced and the impact on the game itself, we may consider to look at companions as well. It may very well be that we will touch companions at a later point of time but we would need to observe which influence the main class rebalancing has on the game first.

    Of course, before launching a rebalanced class, it will be tested to see if the rebalancing will be fair and fitting the gameplay at all. We are using some tools which will help us to understand which impact a class overhaul may have in general. But in addition, we would like to get feedback from experienced players as well. Thus, for each rebalanced class, we will open the beta server for a specific period of time to collect data but also to give you the chance to provide feedback and let us know how you feel about the rebalancing in general.

    The first week of testing the rebalanced Demon Hunter on our beta server is over and we already got some valuable feedback from you guys. Thank you very much for your past and future contributions.