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Hellevator - bugfix update will be online tomorrow

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    Hellevator - bugfix update will be online tomorrow

    Heyho everyone,

    good news, the new starting date for the Hellevator on "old backend" game worlds is fix, like mentioned, tomorrow at 4 p.m..
    Before that we have to update your clients and, of course, the game worlds.

    Some apps may already offer an update in the stores, please install this.
    The game worlds will get the update tomorrow and the changelog for this update reads:

    Fixed display bug with "Resistance to All Elements" rune
    Fixed display error of loot after expiry of a "x% more wins" snack (new backend)
    Fixed calculation error (worldwide impact!) after buying a "x% more profits" snack (old backend)
    Fixed resistance snack text errors due to weapon's element damage being displayed as resistance
    Fixed text errors on resistance snack when not wearing a weapon
    Fixed a spelling mistake of a snack in Hungarian and Greek languages

    Mobile apps
    Fixed incorrect graphics of Adventuromatic level 7 in SD portrait view
    Fixed incorrect graphics of female dark elves in the SD graphics version

    Until then, have a nice day and have fun