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Update 13 for our 13th Birthday and the "Road to 13"

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    Update 13 for our 13th Birthday and the "Road to 13"

    Hello everyone,

    it is "Birthday week" for us, tomorrow Shakes & Fidget will turn 13 and are then officially teenagers.
    A bit rebellic, a bit chaotic but totally worth of all our love - just like teenagers are.

    With the 13th birthday we will also release our update version 13.0 and I already got the changelog for you right here:
    New features
    • Legendary Dungeon:
      • New version of the dungeon "Shady Birthday Bash"
      • Three new legendary items were added
      • New graphics and a new special room
    • Registration: New design of the class selector

    • General: Improved the performance of the game worlds running on a new backend
    • Classes: Demon Hunter rebalanced after public testing on the beta server ***

    Fixed bugs
    • Character:
      • The achievement "Collecting Mania" now correctly unlocks at 90% level, no longer at ~88%
      • The achievement "Twister Tamer" did not unlock correctly after completion, but only after defeating another dungeon enemy (new backend)
    • Tavern:
      • Defeating the Hydra visually changed/increased the "incl. x% Hydra Bonus" text in the "Conf. secret mission of the day"
      • Fixed the displayed bonus of the Countless-headed Hydra (level 20) in the "Conf. secret mission of the day".
    • Fortress: A full inventory could mean that a mined gem was not credited
    • Underworld: Corrected the display of the "gold value per hour" in the gold mine from level 15 on
    • Mobile apps:
      • Character: The Alter Ego did not work for druid classes in the mobile game versions
      • Tavern: Skipping a quest by watching a video could crash the app

    More on that, the Legendary Dungeon, the events, the birthday pet and so on will follow tomorrow at noon here in the forum's news (but be sure to check back here after 13:13 CEST *cough* not that I was supposed to tell you that now *cough*)

    Until then have a nice day and enjoy our newest promo graphic,

    Image in a higher resolution:

    *** is already online today on all game worlds with new backend!

    Hey, it's me again.
    The 21st of June marks the 13th and therefore last day on our "Road to 13" and the purpose of it will be revealed tomorrow