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Update 13 is live, the Legendary Dungeon, our b-day event, a pet and the "Road to 13"

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    Update 13 is live, the Legendary Dungeon, our b-day event, a pet and the "Road to 13"

    Hello everyone,

    it is Wednesday, it is our 13th birthday and it is time for our news - so let's get started!

    Yesterday I already told you about our update version 13, in the meantime it is already live. Players using the mobile apps or the Steam version should please check their stores for an update of their local client. The version number should be starting with 13.000, not 12.100 or lesser!

    With update13 and our birthday there will be the second version of our Legendary Dungeon "Shady Birthday Bash", starting this Friday at 16:00 CEST and it will be open until Monday, July 4th, at 15:59:59 CEST 19.59:59 CEST. So you got 10x 24 hours to slay as many enemies as you like and get all the loot there is!

    Of course there will be events on this birthday weekend and on Friday, Saturday and Sunday there are:
    Crazy Mushroom Harvest, Tidy Toilet Time, Exceptional XP Event, Lucky Day, Sands of Time Special, Forge Frenzy Festival and the Legendary Dungeon

    All friends and fans of our pets should check out if they already cleared the 17th level of the water habitat, because water pet #17 can then be found in Skull Island all weekend long!

    And what events will there be at the end of next week? Of course I won't forget the preview. Amongst others there will be the following events:
    Fantastic Fortress Festivity, Tidy Toilet Time, Assembly of Awesome Animals, Forge Frenzy Festival, Glorious Gold Galore, Days of Doomed Souls, Witches' Dance (and the Legendary Dungeon, too)

    Holy moly, that is quite a lot but now you got all the information on my list, exept for one and that will be released at 13:13 CEST

    See you in about an hour, have a good time until then,

    here comes the test how well you spent attention to the 13 code-pictures before


      If you are already a bit hyped because of the Legendary Dungeon, I got the intro video right here


        Hey Hey my dearest Community,

        I got some news regarding the Legendary Dungeon:
        We decided to change the end-time from 15:59:59 CEST to 19:59:59 CEST. So you got 4 more hours to slay the monsters and collect some loot.
        Also the fans of our streamers and influencers will have a nicer time to see and celebrate the ending of the Legendary Dungeon on July 4th.

        The update will roll out pretty soon, so the game worlds will be offline for a few minutes.

        Have a nice day and all the best wishes to you,