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    Changelog 14.0

    Hello heroes!

    Here's CHANGELOG 14.0 for our upcoming update to be released worldwide tomorrow! Stay tuned!

    CHANGELOG 14.0, September 20, 2022

    New features
    • Legendary Dungeon
      • New "Diabolical Company Party" version
      • Added three new Legendary items
      • New enemies and sounds
    • General: introduction of a new support system (only in German at the moment; will be translated later)

    • Character
      • General: reworked tool tips for each individual character class (e.g. damage and armor calculations, the Bard's instruments etc.)
      • Druid: extensive rework of the character class with new calculation formulas, functions, graphics, animations of the elemental damage etc.
    • Tavern: The button to skip a quest by watching an ad is now disabled some seconds before the quest is completed.

    Fixed bugs
    • General: fixed the display of the "Ď" character in Czech
    • Legendary Dungeon: fixed a new backend bug that information on active blessings and curses was not displayed when active
    • Character: info text of certain belts no longer exceeds screen on the right
    • Arena Manager: If you only had money for one upgrade of a building, you could use the "Max" setting of the button to buy two upgrades if applicable.
    • Witch: Items without a sales value no longer sparkle during the Witches' Dance event.
    • Pets: added missing locations to some languages
    • Dungeon: You fight against your mirror image instead of a different player in dungeon 9, floor 10 now
    • Guild: Notes were not updated correctly when skipping a fight if you jumped to a Bard that still had remaining notes from a previous fight. This resulted in incorrect animations.
    • Hall of Fame
      • In some circumstances, searching for a name with special characters did not yield a result.
      • In some circumstances, searching for a name with a space before or after the name did not yield a result.
      • The display of the "(...)" should be fixed now.
      • Sorting the Hall of Fame was sporadically jumbled when manually luring a player into the Underworld.
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