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Producer’s Note #7

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    Producer’s Note #7

    With great interest, we followed the controverse discussion about the rebalanced druid. While doing so we observed that the changes seem to have overshoot the mark. It was not our intention to displease you with these changes. Well, it seems that it has indeed come to such a situation and we would like to apologize for that.

    According to your feedback our game design reviewed the druid’s numbers, reassessed those and adjusted the balancing. With the publication of this producer’s note, the changes are likely to be deployed already.

    Please keep in mind that the numbers have been changed in the game engine but it may take some more time until the correct numbers of each form will be displayed in the game. While we are able to change numbers in the background, for graphical adjustments we need to create a new client.

    Unfortunately, we had to realize that it would have been better to do a public test the rebalanced druid on a beta server like it was done with the bard for example. We acknowledge, we made a mistake and in the future we will incorporate the community in such processes.

    The changes are as follows:
    • In fights against mages and bards, the druid now only deals 50% of the original damage.
    • Tiger form: swoop damage bonus when dealing critical damage was reduced to 200% and the chance to dodge was reduced to 35%.
    • Eagle form: swoop damage bonus with dive attack was reduced to 400% and the chance on repeating dive attacks will now decrease by 5% per performed dive attack.
    There may be situations where the dodging behavior of the druid may not be working as intended. This problem will be fixed next week latest.

    Despite of the inconveniences caused, we go ahead and wish you a happy weekend!​
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