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Items Being Removed From Inventory & Info on Hotfixes

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    Items Being Removed From Inventory & Info on Hotfixes

    With yesterday’s update the logic of some feature have been changed. Items which have been put into the inventory in the past will no longer appear in the inventory but will be displayed in the feature itself or unlock the respective feature automatically.

    E.g. if you found a mirror shard during a quest, it will be added to your portrait automatically instead of being put into the inventory to be placed on your character manually.

    Such items will be removed by scripts and the respective features will be unlocked. Nothing will get lost.

    The behavior was changed for the following features:
    • Mirror shards for the magic mirror
    • Wheel of fortune II
    • Arcane toilet
    • Underworld
    • Scrapbook
    • Holy grail
    • Mannequin
    • Pet nest
    • Pet eggs
    • Dungeon keys
    Furthermore, we will provide hotfixes for the following issues during the day:
    • Scrapbook will be visible in portrait mode on mobile apps again
    • Mushroom Dealer: level restrictions will be displayed again on starter packs
    • Pets: tooltip for requirements to find pets when specific dungeons have been completed will be adjusted to the new dungeon numbers
    • To-Do-List: Clicking on Demon Portal will lead you to the demon portal again
    • Fight Reward Screen: Context menu will open again for items shown in the reward screen after a fight
    • The Pyramids of Madness: Opponent on floor 10 will no longer display the player’s level but its original level
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