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Hellevator, New World & Weekend Events

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    Hellevator, New World & Weekend Events

    Hello heroes!

    On Friday, November 18 16 CET, the doors to the hellish HELLEVATOR will open again which will take you straight into the depths of the underworld. This time the theme will be "Gluttony".

    Moreover, we will also launch the NEW INTERNATIONAL WORLD W60 on Friday at 16 CET! You can already sign up by pointing your browser to or clicking the in-game link.

    We will have following WEEKEND EVENTS from Friday to Sunday: Crazy Mushroom Harvest, Exceptional XP Event, Glorious Gold Galore, Witches' Dance, Fantastic Fortress Festivity, Assembly of Awesome Animals & Days of Doomed Souls.

    All details:
    Preview of next weekend: Black Friday Weekend with special deals and the events Glorious Gold Galore, Lucky Day, Epic Shopping Spree Extravaganza, Forge Frenzy Festival, Sands of Time Special & Tidy Toilet Time.

    Also look forward to the next dungeon that will open on Friday at 16 CET too, the "Dojo of Childhood Heroes"! Stay tuned for more news on Friday!​
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