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Oktoberfest Events & Legendary Dungeon Announcement

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    Oktoberfest Events & Legendary Dungeon Announcement

    Hello heroes!

    Free beer for everyone! Get out your garb, it's Oktoberfest time! Off to the beer tent as we'll tap the weekend with the following OKTOBERFEST EVENTS from Friday to Sunday: One Beer, Two Beers, Free Beer, Glorious Gold Galore, Witches' Dance, Assembly of Awesome Animals & Days of Doomed Souls.

    Preview of next weekend: Lucky Day, Witches' Dance, Epic Good Luck Extravaganza, Fantastic Fortress Festivity, Forge Frenzy Festival & Tidy Toilet Time.

    Moreover, the distant clinking of overflowing beer mugs and slurred Schlager serenades sound muffled from the closed portal. Get ready, because on September 22, the LEGENDARY DUNGEON "Diabolical Company Party" will open its doors, and then the fun will really start!‚Äč

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