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Underworld building strategy

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  • LucaBlack
    Iwrote recently a full tutorial about on the FR forum and... It was appreciated beyond my imagination! O_O

    If you want to take a look yet, if you can understand French or if you want to put it on google translate it's here:

    I'm thinking about a translation to post it here, but there is a lot of text. So I will need a little moment to do this proprely
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  • sharshooter
    I think for now is better to make Heart->Extractor. Just find easy target on 20-25 lvl (or higher) and keep farm him. When you reach higher lvl than he is just lose one fight intentionally.

    As far as I as next lvl gives only +16 souls. Upgrades are so expensive na weak (5 goblins on 50lvl can't deal with char on 25 lvl without weapon). It is just not worth - you invest thousands of souls for x5 +16 (and some bonus from chamber). It will never pay off.

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  • Arturu
    started a topic Underworld building strategy

    Underworld building strategy

    I have to admit that I am kinda puzzled with these new buildings.

    Unlike in the Fortress there are no defensive units and structures. You have three types of units and upgrades for each of them (in fortress there was only one) and theres 5 attacks per day.

    My starting strategy was to keep almost all buildings one level behind the Heart. But is that even worth it?

    Right now for that I would need to spend like 10k souls.
    And I will get back about 4k fighting tommorow.
    Seems tempting to fight on lower levels and just go straight for the heart, which costs 25k.

    So to sum things up - maybe its better to keep army buildings 2 levels behind or even more further down the line.