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Help for a (kinda) noob

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    Help for a (kinda) noob

    I only started playing this game a couple of months ago, so I'm pretty late to the party, I know. I've been kinda doing what feels right, but the more I play the more I feel like I don't actually know HOW to play.

    I've tried looking up guides and questions and help, but anything remotely relevant to me is from 2013 or earlier, so I have no idea whether it's still up to date or the game has changed a dozen times since then.

    So now you're being subjected to the questions directly.

    1) XP vs. gold. Am I looking to level quickly (until a certain point, perhaps?) or getting tons of gold to increase my stats?

    2) Stat allocation. I found a page saying that Constitution is worth 80% of my main stat, and Luck is worth 40% of my main stat. Are these numbers accurate?
    2b) Does that mean I should go for eg. 1000 Strength, 800 Constitution, 400 Luck, or that when Constitution costs more than 80% of what Strength costs I should continue increasing Strength instead?

    3) Dungeons. Should I clear through them as fast as possible, or leave them until I'm much higher level?

    Anything else you wish someone had told you when you were new to the game?

    I'm currently level 61, just completed my Magic Mirror, and have a decent guild.

    1) Definitly focus on aquiring the largest possible amount of XP. Gold only really becomes relevant at Levels 400+, as your income will be in the millions.
    2) The stat Distribution you mentioned seems about right. Your Luck skill is not so important though as you gain max luck through items later pretty easily.
    3) Clear the Dungeons as soon as possible. The higher your Level ist the more xp per Quest you get. The xp you get from dungeons is always the same amount.


      Here's couple of things you should know.

      1) The game is balanced PvP wise, but Warriors and Assasins have one more gear slot, which makes them harder and more expensive to play (if you intend to compete).

      2) With time you will be earning millions of gold that is why you should invest heavily on XP side.

      3) Scouts usually rock the leaderboards, because their high evasion rate gives them an edge in PvE.

      4) Your main stat and Vitality are most important. You will have time to figure things out, a lot depends on class. Secondary stats are ten times less important so invest only spare change into them (if anything). You don't need much points in Luck, equipment and pets will do the trick. Because of pets people on older servers are overstatted with Luck.

      5) Find guild with good company. That's at least 50% enjoyment of the game.

      6) The game is fun. But there's a lot of veterans on forums that have been playing.. let's just say for too long. Keep that in mind.