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Strategies for Fortress

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    Strategies for Fortress

    Hello everyone, I would like to develop the strategies used for the Fortress, in terms of Defense and Offensive, and seen from practice, I have observed the following options:

    Defending :
    1. Complete: there is a wall + archers + wizards at the level of the fortress: it certainly requires replacement of archers and magicians when they attack you = invest resources.
    2. Partial: (Wall + Protection) to take advantage of the resources invested in replacement of archers and wizards, only the protection of the wall (which will depend on the level of the building) is implemented and the protection is used for 8 hours.

    1. According to the recommendation
    2. Attack with the largest number of soldiers
    3. Attacks with fewer soldiers

    I would honestly like to build the thread from the contribution of all. thus:
    What strategy do you implement, and how do you find it?
    Which strategy do you recommend: On servers that already have players since the beginning of time and new Servers?


    Personally on offense I use mostly in attacking with fewer soldiers, so I gain more honor which helps in raising the rank, and only attack with full soldiers in case of winning a large amount of resources; in Defense I use the complete one, I do not receive attacks continuously (they rarely attack me) in Server minigames and I have been able to gather resources, but in W23 it is another story.

    When I started Server 23, a week later I decided to join, I used the full and offensive defense with fewer soldiers, however I noticed that almost everyone implements the unique defense of the wall, so climbing in the rank has made me easy and not just that, but the collection of resources has been very beneficial:

    W23: Fortress level 11 (buildings and soldiers at the same level)

    And certainly my disadvantage is in terms of the loss of resources in case of attacks is large according to the formula: 50% of unprotected resources (which in my case in W23 I can not collect them) + 10% of what is stored.

    I await your contributions