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gem mine and gold pit strategy

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    On my server highest level is 513.
    I can keep upgrades rolling non stop plus throw in some Keeper upgrades.


      My server is 487
      #1 International Hall of Fame Attained
      1st Complete Arena Manager in the World
      1st Complete Underworld in the World
      1st Complete Fortress in the World
      1st Complete (New) Scrapbook in the World
      1st to find all Pets in the World
      1st Deep Mine Master in the World
      1st to Gem Mine Level 100 in the World
      1st to Gold Pit Level 100 in the World

      Any staff or sponsored players with access to free/unlimited mushrooms are null and void for any achievements


        The goldmine is a bit tricky, it makes no sense to upgrade it from the information currently available, as it needs more than 9 years to upgrade and an additional ~250 days to amortisize, as mentioned. But as we have discussed in the german forum you should propably upgrade it anyway because we don't know what upgrades playa will bring in the future that influence it or even depend on it.

        With the gem mine you should search as less gems as possible because there will always be one that does and therefore will shake you off otherwise. On higher levels you don't depend on slightly better gems, so there is no need to search gems for your entire equipment every few levels. Of cause this is only true if you don't have resource problems.
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          On my server building a Gem mine is very easy))
          My Guild was one of the first started to level up mults for Fortress atacks. Every evening is fun: guilds LightOfHeaven, TORNADO and mine are raiding each other fortresses and poor noobs for resorces true PvP

          Mardera aka Shane (etc. mults in guild)
          Guild Карелия is the best!!!


            Long history short
            1 gem mine: it doesnt matter u can mine and upgrade at same time by level 25
            2 gold pit: the pit gives (level% of an hour city guard) just upgrade it to 25 and wait till DEVs let us grab gold and upgrade at same time


              When my goldmine is upgrading, I still can collect my money.
              So both gold pit and jewel mine can be used while upgrading.
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