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    mar21's S&F Tools

    - Powerful tool for tracking progress of your character or your guild
    - Fully customizable tables, including few ready-to-use templates
    - Choose already prepared columns or create your own using easy to understand scripting language
    - Highlight important stuff with colors that correspond to the value or just put gradients everywhere
    - Compare players or guilds between two points in time
    - Create custom tables for every player, guild, or just have them all have the same
    - Uses HAR files for importing player data (yours, your guilds or just random players)
    - Allows you to copy whole table into spreadsheets or into one of the simulators

    Tracking your progress:

    Highly customizable settings (yours do not have to be that complicated of course ):

    Check manual or work-in-progress wiki

    Pet Simulator
    - Check what chances you have to beat a pet habitat
    - You can also generate a whole chance map that can tell you when you can expect to beat it

    PvP Simulator
    - Check out your chances against other players
    - Offers 3 modes: All vs All (shows how good players are), 1 vs All (shows how good you are against everyone else) and Tournament

    Dungeon Simulator
    - Check out your chances against most of the dungeons
    - Includes statistics integration (upload your character to the Statistics tool and then just fill everything needed with a single click instead of writing your stats manually)

    Guild Battle Simulator
    - Check if your guild stands a chance against another one

    Pet Calendar

    - What pets you can find today, tomorrow, in a year? Who knows

    Arena Manager Helper
    - Web version of Acclamator's Arena Manager Tool

    Item Comparison
    - What changes when you swap items
    - Discontinued but still very much functional

    Blacksmith Helper
    - Check how much metal & crystal will an upgrade cost and how much you will get back when you dismantle your item

    Gold & Experience
    - Check how much 1000 points for your main attribute costs or what gold and xp rewards you receive at various levels
    - Contains also table with attribute costs, environmental rewards, guard duty
    - Includes all bugs

    Fight Viewer
    - Useful tool for analyzing fights. Just open a HAR file where a fight happened and you will see the exact progress down to a single HP

    Inventory Manager

    - Uses Statistics tool as a source of your player data
    - Detailed item comparison that includes your companions as well
    - Blacksmith resource manager that allows you to select items to dismantle and plan what items to upgrade. Includes also best transmogrification to get most crystal out of your item.

    • Some tools use HAR files as a way to import your character. You need to use browser to create this file (Firefox is heavily recommended).
      Check the manual or look in S&F's Tavern discord server to learn how to do it.

    • PvP and Guild simulators are designed in a way that allows you to copy data from Statistics straight into the simulator. No need to write everything by hand.

    • You can download the whole site if you are not comfortable to use 'online' tools.
      Keep in mind that simulators need a local server to run (simplest way is to download node.js and use this package. After installing everything you just need to go to your local copy of the site and use http-server in a command line).

    • Also it's free :-)

    • No, Dungeon Simulator will not happen. Maybe in time, but not in the near future.

    • You can ask questions or request changes in S&F's Tavern
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    Eat & Sleep & Find a bug & Repeat :rider:
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    - Complete list of changes for Statistics is present in the tool itself.




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    Eat & Sleep & Find a bug & Repeat :rider:
    [COLOR="Cyan"][B]S&F's Tavern[/B][/COLOR] - [url][/url]
    [COLOR="LightGreen"][B]SFTools[/B][/COLOR] - [url][/url]
    [S][COLOR="Orange"][B]Clash of Empires[/B][/COLOR] - [url][/url][/S]