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    Damage Calculator

    The calculator can calculate the damage for each class with the exception of the assassin.
    The calculator is not 100% correct as the values of Shakes & Fidget can be rounded differently. But the calculator is very close to the actual value most of the time.
    You need to have Python installed because the calculator was programmed in Python. You can download Python from
    Python 3.9.2 is recommended and ttkthemes.

    The program is on GitHub or paste into your browser. I posted more information there. Or download the .exe directly from Google Drive.

    I hope it can help someone. ^^
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    It's nice to try things like this but in this case an excel spreadsheet would probably make more sense as you don't need to install python nor deal with console input ^^
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      I've updated the script you can find it on Github and a .exe on Google Drive. It has now a GUI too so its way more practical.
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