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A new different SERVER .

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    A new different SERVER .

    As we can see every new server is like the movie Groundhog Day ( you can see this amazing movie ) - All days are the same day . . . The very first days many players that pay a lot of money ( which is not in my opinion their mistake or bad choice , get 200 lvl in 2-3 days etc etc ) . . . Okay Playa , as we can see on 50 servers already this happened . . . So why you don't make a new server with the maximum 25 euro per month puchrases for every player ( and a boost in the dealer for example 800 instead of 500 for 25 euro . ) Imagine how competitive this server would be . Or even with 10 euro maximum . Just for one server and for the challenge . . .

    Do you like the idea , please express your opinion about this .

    I don't think it's possible. Running a server costs money and with only limited income, it does not make sense marketing-wise and financially.
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      Only ways I can think of this would be possible is either:

      1. Limited time server
      Make it a month-like challenge, where players could either play for free with 25 mushrooms start as normal OR pay let's say a 25€ as an entry-fee for the server, receive X amount of mushrooms (maybe 2000). Further purchases would not be possible. The server would close exactly after 1 month and best player(s) could win a little prize - maybe mushrooms for normal servers.

      2. Pay-to-play server
      Standard scenario for the better MMOs. A server where you cannot buy mushrooms (maybe they could be monthly added in fixed amount), but you pay a subscription cost of X € per month.
      Issue with this one is that a server like that could be more desired than standard servers, meaning it could kill them, which is a very bad thing for income.

      So I guess really at this point only timed servers are an option for different experience. Question is how expensive it would have to be for Playa to be profitable.