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New use for battle playbacks

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    New use for battle playbacks

    I feel like there would be ways to utilize the stored data of battle playbacks. It would be nice to be able to see playback data of someone else fighting and winning the dungeon enemy I'm currently stuck at. This would be especially cool at the launch of a new server when everyone is very competitive.

    Second idea is to make it possible to link the battle playbacks in chat and private messages so ppl can compare results if they so desire.

    Third idea, this one I haven't thought thorough so it is more of a lead towards something. I wonder if it would be possible to utilize old battle data in some sort of new arena. The idea is to fight against "ghosts of players from the past". Something like the way it is possible to find hostile ghosts of dead avatars in many roguelikes. I feel like it would be nice to have ways other than the underworld to face someone who is clearly advancing faster and will be unreachable to most of the players on a server.
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    Thanks for your suggestion!
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