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Sounds in newest update.

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    Sounds in newest update.

    Hey there.

    While I do appreciate the effort being put into making the game better, sometimes I feel it gets a bit odd. Like the newly added speech to the characters.
    While it does make the game feel more lively, it just annoys me, because I'm an old fart, that like quiet places.
    So, could you add an option, to turn off all speech, so there's just the normal sounds from the game, as from before the update, so I can have the game run in the background and when a fight is done, I hear the fight, but can play without listening to the characters saying the same things over and over again.

    The German version already has a setting to turn off all speech. We forgot to enable it for all other speech versions (but it is already there). Will be online soon!

    EDIT It is already live!
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      i dont get why put so much effort/money/time in speech in so many languages.
      most people who play more then 1 week will turn it off, since its a background game you have in a tab and click once in a while during the day.

      its just not a priority imo so why they added it?