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    I know it may seem like impossible trash, but I was wondering if it was possible to insert SHIPS in the game. The reasons are the following: between levels 66 (in which you unlock the witch) and 90 (blacksmith) there is an abyss where you practically wait to reach level 100. Although to solve this small problem the fortress already exists, I don't think it is enough, since already around level 50 the buildings are well upgraded and all you have to do is waiting about three days to see only one building finishing the upgrade (this makes the fortress almost non-existent for most of the game session).

    So this is the proposal: to add ships which can face longer and more difficult missions that would allow us to earn objects or potions (not gold, for that there is already the tavern), and maybe even exp. The ships could have a wide range of upgrades (for example sails, which would increase the speed of the ship and consequently decrease the duration of the journey). The upgrades could be cheap and would allow the average players (lvl 66-90) to entertain themselves without leaving the game in an attempt to reach the slightly higher ranks. Furthermore it would be wonderful to watch ship fights and compete against sea monsters. You could fight WITH your ship and this would make it possible to have a larger amount of upgrades.

    I know it would require a lot of work and it would be a huge update of the game, but from my point of view it would certainly be worth it.

    Don't discard it immediatly beacause of the work it would require and let me know what you think of this idea.

    The only problem is that if a new server starts during a 4event weekend it happens that people get to level 100 in 3days and level 200 in a week.

    So i don't see room for this update in just a 30 levels range before level 100.

    What we really need in my opinion is new end game content for players after level 450/500


      a good idea but for the wrong game for a game with little to no animation ships IMO wouldn't fit anywhere let alone in a level range that has some much stuff happening. As gully said need more at upper levels to (a) level quicker and (b) clear the newer dungeons that have added a if lucky 4-6 months to clear 1 or 2 levels.
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        Good idea but i dont see it fit in an idle browser game


          It's a nice idea. Thanks for posting!

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            Would be cool to have a vikings ship, nice idea xD
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