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    Search things from scrapbook

    Despite the new functionality of the Holy Grail, it is still a pain in the neck to find missing items from the scrapbook...

    Why not add an option where you can search for opponents having such item equipped from the scrapbook? 1 mushroom per search could even bring some money in for Playa :-)

    In short the idea is:
    - select the missing item from your scrapbook - select "search" - a dialog box appears asking if you are willing to pay for this service. You press yes, and it pops up one name of a character having such item (preferably lower in HoF, so you have a higher probability of winning a battle vs this opponent). If nobody has it; it tells you. Then you dont have to waste your time searching 6000+ characters for no reason :-D

    I don't like the idea because it would be boring. The scrapbook is called "scrapbook of meticulousness. If you miss 10 items, just click ten times and that's it...doesn't sound like a challenge.

    Just enter a name or rank in the hall of fame and use the arrow keys to move from player to player, which only takes one second per player. Do this for two minutes and you have checked 120 players.
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      Its not a challenge - its necessity. Many of us had completed scrapbook and what? Every few updates you will mess with it and call it as "challenge"? You forced us to complete scrapbook again.

      You know what is boring? Checking 50k positions in HoF few times and still not be able to collect all items because noone wear it. My server is old and almost dead.

      First, do something with old servers - merge/allow us to move character or whole guild to other server - after that you can force to do this kind of "challenge".
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        wow nice challenge, click 50000 times on arrow and you may find it
        atleast make player name red or something so we can use page up and down