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    Couple of ideas

    I think we can all agree that this game needs content. However it would seem it must be specified that a new dungeon is not content, since we already are clicking a dungeon. The Guild Pet is not content, since every other day we have to reclick it to get to the same point we were the day before.
    We need new GAMEPLAY content that pushes the game forward.

    As in the past I would like to give a few ideas here. It's gonna be a long read, but this is the last time.


    Weekend events were a great idea. They break the monotony of the game and offer something fresh. But times have changed and it is simply not enough for an online game.
    Most games have daily log in rewards and ongoing events to the point that there's always something happening in the game.

    It would be good if Playa introduced new events that would go for a week or two (during week days). In the end at least half of the year should be filled with them.


    1) Present's hunt - every third mission without rewards grants special reward.
    2) Exploration - every mission to a specific place gives double or triple rewards.
    3) Animal day - each day you can find in mission a brush. You can use it on your mount, extending it's duration for one day.
    4) Head hunting - you need to visit 3-4 specific locations and on the last one you get some kind of boss.
    5) Omen signs - after each fruit reward an omen sign spawns somewhere in one of the screens. You have to click it, if you won't the next reward from mission will vanish.
    6) Pet lovers day - you can throw 6 fruits in to the cauldron. They change to random other fruit and spawn an additional random fruit.
    7) Zombie attack - every 10 hours you have to fight a zombie while visiting every location in the city (they do give xp and rewards)
    8) High elves convention - all the elves (archers) left for a convention. Only mages are defending the Fortress.
    9) What an attitude - the keeper wen't on strike and refuses to fight.
    10) Curse of frailty - after each mission your weapon breakes and needs to be repaired at the shop.

    Here's an idea how to implement new mechanics for existing content.
    Let's say we change the Tavern.
    We change Beers to Contracts and Thirst to Intel.
    In order to buy Contracts you must first gather Intel. You use up up to 220 Intel a day so lets say that the amount of Intel caps at 500.
    Now a new mini game can be implemented to be played at the side.

    It is perfectly fine that top players are ahead of everyone else. It is not fine for everyone else to be crawling while others are driving in their sweet cars, because that's insanely boring for everyone.

    Every now and then there should be an event that would give people that are for example 50 levels behind the top player, double XP rewards from missions. Let some of the players catch up a bit. It will be healthy for everyone. And it will extend interest in older servers.

    We already have some places set in the world. Make a world map for those. Let those places be contested once a week so that guilds or even guild alliances can fight over those places.

    And once someone wins give them bonuses from that. Extra loot, extra fruits or event bonus gold for all members, each time someone visits this location during their mission.

    You have somewhat created a world with this game, expand on it.

    We seem to be getting new graphics for everything. Stop it. It's unnecessary. In online games people to this day play older titles with crap graphics, even text games.
    Graphics are not the main issue with this game. Focus on whats important (spoiler alert: it's gameplay). You can make pretty graphics as clickbait but peoople will come, stay and keep playing if the game is fun, and keeps being fun.
    New graphics change nothing for people actually playing the game.

    I am leaving the game. I played for a couple of years, it was fun. I had enough. And I will not return. Each day of not playing is a waste and you get behind. After a year my character will go to waste.
    Starting on a new server does not sound even remotely fun. It would take years to get back where I am now.
    That's a problem for this game.

    Give people the option to do all unused thirst / beer from the current week, just like that. Give them bonuses each day, for each day they were not playing. Make them pay for it, but give them the option to catch up at least somewhat.

    Anyway, it was fun. I had a blast on these forums.
    Thanks to all the nice people writing here, you know who you are... it was a pleasure
    And huge thanks to Leander, who as always gives his best. Great work, man.

    8-10 - hell no


      Thanks for your suggestions, appreciated!
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        I do believe this game is doomed, to be honest. Players can give tons of suggestions, Playa still can't understand what's the real problem with this game. So much potential wasted actually makes me feel sad..