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    Okay, so I'm well aware I've been quite negative the last few months about the state of the game, but I decided to stop continously criticizing the game and, instead, try to think and understand what's wrong with it.

    The main problem I found is the sense of progress. I started to play another browser game, similar to this (you continously level up your account while unlocking new and harder content), and if I compare both games with each other, this is the number one weakness of Sfgame. Not only you have to spend 5 hours per day without anything new to do besides thirst, pets fights, portals and maybe a few dungeon tries, you don't get anything new to do that differentiate you from the low levels players.

    Let's check the facts.
    - the more you level up, the harder and slower you're supposed to keep grinding. CHECK BOTH GAMES
    - the more you level up, more content you unlock. SFGAME DOESN'T CHECK
    - the more you level up, the more resources you get. CHECK BOTH GAMES
    - there are constantly new events to keep players entertained. SFGAME DOESN'T CHECK

    I believe I dont have to refer that the more you level up, the stronger you get. That's obvious. So, what can we conclude from here?

    There's a lack of content in Sfgame for high end accounts. This is an acknowledged fact by Playa Games - we can see that they keep implementing dungeons for higher levels. However, that's not how we're going to fix that. You introduce a dungeon, we defeat the light world in 10 minutes and spend 2 years trying to defeat the shadow version. That's just adding more problems to the problem itself. So, how can we fight this?

    A few months ago, I said that adding solo dungeons won't solve our problem. Instead, we need to focus on new mechanics that would keep the most advanced players really busy. However, understand that all these ideas are really complex and hard to implement.

    1) create some kind of fortress-dungeons. So, we have fortress and underworld that exist to improve our stats (gems, gladiator, academy, gold pit, etc). In underworld we fight players, and in the fortress we fight other players-fortresses. The fortress-dungeon would consist in a fortress directed entirely for your new character (let's call him NINJA). So, Ninja is your companion, just like the tower. He will fight for you in this new dungeon-worlds, and your new "fortress" will boost his stats. If this new world has 10 dungeons, each one with 10/20 monsters, we can create enough content for 2 years. The rewards of each "monster" are divided in two sectors: the first sector are YOUR rewards: xp, gold, epics, etc. The second sector is YOUR COMPANIONS REWARDS: new epics that only he can wear, xp so he can level up, and maybe resources so you can upgrade more buildings. We can imagine buildings that give more % to find epics for your companion, more resources gained in each dungeon, more xp gained in each dungeon, crit chance for your companion, etc etc etc. It's not a very detailed suggestion because that's not the main purpose of this thread.

    Before finishing, let's talk about the events. In sfgame we get "events" each weekend that are just bonuses in missions/shops. In the other game, each event gives you quests (hard ones and easy ones) that give you rewards. Every event has its own rewards (imagine something like a summer event giving you only NEW epics just for that event, winter event giving you NEW EPICS DESIGNED JUST FOR THAT Event, etc etc). This makes the game less of a routine and more challenging and interesting, in my opinion.


    You pointed out the problem with this game.

    Need rethink and rebalance the base income!!!
    Everything is too slow, need boost them with mushroom, but this is the bad part, slow, no motivation, left the game. Other games doing well, they give you events, contents, rewards, you feel you get something and you are not bored. In return, there are many thing in item mall shop. In this game only 5 different mushroom package nothing else.
    Just some idea here.
    - One time boost: 300% exp boost for a month (begginers booster under lvl 200)
    - 30 day booster: +50% exp + 300 mushroom (every day you can claim 10 mushroom)
    - Potion pack: mushrooms + potions
    - Lucky pack: mushrooms + lucky coins
    - Fruit pack: mushrooms + fruits
    - Epic pack: mushrooms + every day a random epic
    - New avatars
    - New avatar to Bert, Mark, Kunigunde
    - Forest pack: mushrooms + stone, wood
    etc etc

    The events is a good start. I like events in all games. I have some ideas how can improve existing events in this game.
    1) two new page into scrapbook for events
    - participate 10 times in EXP event
    - participate 10 times in Gold event
    - participate 10 times in Epic event
    - participate 10 times in Forest rarity event
    - Take part in winter event once
    - Take part in easter event once
    - Take part in birthday event once
    - Take part in beer festival event once
    - Take part in halloween event once
    - Participate 100 times in events

    - New currency event ticket.
    - During event you can earn 1 event ticket every day. 2 ticket for a weekend. Easy to count, easy to balance.
    - You can spend in event shop. Event shop open during events but not during weekend events (5 times in a year)
    Existing items. Boosters, Potions, Foods, Epics.
    New items Blacksmith services, Avatars etc.

    Improve existing events, year after year.
    - New loading screen
    - New sound during event
    - New mechanics during events
    - New quests
    - New items, new rewards, new event shop items

    - During Epic weekend extra Arena rewards: crystals
    - During Forest Rarity event extra Arena rewards: quicksand hourglass
    - During Exp, Gold event: extra Arena rewards: more gold and more exp
    - During beer festival, you can city guard during adventure
    - Event themed quests
    - During birthday event dungeon monsters don't regenerate. (only 1 monster / event)
    - During winter event guild portal doesn't regenerate.


      In the higher levels, the game has to be slow. BUT NOT THAT MUCH! I'd recommend a new XP curve above level 393, nothing dramatic but enough to apply a difference (instead of 2 weeks to get 1 level, maybe 1 week or 1+1/2 week).

      I really liked those packs (but not the 'One time boost'). And making them regular would settle an huge difference between the big whales and low spenders, so imagine something like "random discounts in the mushrooms shop" where you'd get those offers for 24h - it's up to you if you want to buy them or not. Those offers would appear with an interval of several months (2, maybe even 3).

      Besides, similar to the golden frame, you can also imagine golden epic sets - entire sets (from belts to weapons), one/two for each class, with amazing and shiny designs that would be sold for a lot of mushrooms (500/1000 seems reasonable, since this is just for exhibition purposes lol)

      Regarding the events, each one would have a certain amount of quests (maybe 30?) that could be completed over the course of 14 days. You'd get a fixed amount of *insert event-currency name* for each quest completed, and you could use those *insert event-currency name* in the event shop to unlock rewards: everything from small xp boosts (10% for 24h, 20% for 48h, etc etc), gold boosts, epics, resources for blacksmith/fortress/underworld (big quantities), whatever! You can also imagine rewards for specific events.

      About those new avatars, new backgrounds, etc etc I don't think that's necessary.

      I'll create a 100% detailed post about my previous 'fortress kind' suggestion.