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Hydra, Guild pet Improvements, Guild castle, Guild shop

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    Hydra, Guild pet Improvements, Guild castle, Guild shop

    Sry for my English.

    Slay the hydra head and collect hydra heads for your guild. This a new guild currency. Guild leader can unlock new features for hydra heads.
    It is up to you, what you choose first. Guild motivation, good for the whole guild

    Fight against the hydra and you can earn hydra coins. (5 fights = 5 hydra coins / day). You can spend in guild shop. Guild member motivation, good for you

    FEATURES that guild leader can unlock with hydra heads:
    - Can feed your pets +1 time a day. (5 hydra heads)
    (Max 6, default limit 3 + max 6 = 9)
    - 10 minutes less between two adventure. (5 hydra heads) max 1

    - You can do secret mission on Saturday. (5 hydra heads)
    - You can do secret mission on Sunday. (5 hydra heads)
    - +1 secret mission /day (10 hydra heads)
    Max +2. Default limit 1 + Max 2 = 3 secret mission / day, the adventure window with 3 tab page is fit to this feature.
    - +1 time you can swap a secret mission if you don't like. (5 hydra heads) max 3.
    - +1% exp for secret missions (10 hydra heads), unlimited (if all other features unlocked there will be a choise )

    - You can buy +1 beer. (10 hydra heads) (it is mean barkeeper sell max 12 beers a day)
    - Every hit on guild portal give exp to player (10 hydra heads)
    - Every hit on hydra give exp to player (10 hydra heads)
    - Every raids give epic items (10 hydra heads)

    - Guild castle (10 hydra heads)
    - Guild castle storage
    Free, unlocked with guild castle, your guild reward will be there
    - Guild castle tavern (20 hydra heads)
    There are the Weekly guild quests (details below)
    - Guild shop in guild castle (15 hydra heads)
    You can spend your hydra coin here. (details below)
    - Guild castle alchemy (20 hydra heads)
    Produce a random potion every 5 days, you can collect from guild storage
    - Guild castle crystal extractor (20 hydra heads)
    Produce crystals every day, you can collect from guild storage
    - Guild castle gem mine (20 hydra heads)
    Produce 1 black gem every week, you can collect from guild storage
    - Guild castle woodcutter (20 hydra heads)
    Produce wood every day , you can collect from guild storage
    - Guild castle quarry (20 hydra heads)
    Produce stone every day, you can collect from guild storage
    - Guild castle soul extractor (20 hydra heads)
    Produce stone every day, you can collect from guild storage

    You can spend here your hydra coins.
    - Random pet food: 5 hydra coins
    - 10 lucky coin: 10 hydra coins
    - 20 min adventure (+1 free beer): 20 hydra coins
    - Random (Wood, stone, soul) depend on build levels: 5 hydra coins
    - Arena reset: 15 hydra coins, you can fight for exp 10 more times again.
    - Random gem: 20 hydra coins
    - Random potion: 20 hydra coins
    - Crystals: 30 hydra coins (depend on your level)
    - Epic item with empty gem slot: 150 hydra coins
    - Construction kit: 150 hydra coins (you can build start another construction if there is an active construction). Of couse, u need building materials, and u need to wait the building time.

    This is a building in the guild castle. Guild leader can unlock this building, after unlocked the guild castle. You can see there 10 quests, and the progress, how much finished, etc.
    There are 10 new random quests every week. The guild must be finish 5 quests for the main rewards.

    Main rewards:
    - 10 hydra coin (new currency to guild members, you can spend in guild shop)
    - An epic item with empty gem slot

    Quest will be for example:
    Drink beer ... times.
    Go adveture ... times.
    City guard ... hours.
    Throw items into the Arcan Toilet ... times.
    Arena fight ... times.
    Buy items in the shops ... times.
    Use blacksmith services ... times.
    Use cauldron ... times.
    Use potion ... times.
    Raise your stats ... times.
    Lvl up ... times.
    Improve item attributes ... times.
    Feed pets .... times.
    Pet fight ... times.
    Buy mount ... times.
    Dungeon fight ... times.
    Build ... times.
    Search gems ... times.
    Collect ... wood.
    Collect ... stone.
    Train ... soldiers.
    Attack castles ... times.
    Upgrade guild pet ... times.

    Quest individual results are added up
    Feed pets .... times. For example 100 times. Player A 5 times + Player B 8 times + Player C 12 times ... etc.

    Every quest has individual rewards too it is connected to the quest type.
    Theese rewards would be: exp, gold, mushroom, fruit, crystal, soul, wood, stone, potion. That is mean you can finish all 10 guild quest if you would like.

    Every guild member get the rewards via guild storage.
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    Nice, thank you!
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