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Arena manager and the existing epic items

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    Arena manager and the existing epic items

    I miss the function of being able to use rune enchantments into my existing gear.

    At magic shop the witch would can sell this for 25 mushrooms. You would can choose what type of rune enchantment you would like.

    After that item is rune enchanted by mushrooms. It is mean this item is scaleable. You paid for it with 25 mushrooms. For example you already unlocked 2% exp, you put it into 8 gear 8x25=200 mushrooms. After it you unlock 3% exp, you don't need pay again mushrooms.

    But if you would like to change to 2% gold then you would pay 25 mushrooms again.

    If you get new item and you wear it, new item new mushrooms you need pay 25 mushrooms again if you would like to change rune enchantment.

    I agree manually applying runes to items would be natural. I hope it will be implemented soon.
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      Yes, some way of applying runes to current items is a must.

      You have already worked hard on getting banknotes, and spent lots of mushrooms by applying upgrades to arena/buying time quickening items.

      Im not sure that additional cost is needed at witch. Also not sure witch is the right npc. Fidget as mage seems more fitting to me, or a new kind of npc, some old looking mage in his own tower.
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        Originally posted by Tilithia View Post
        Yes, some way of applying runes to current items is a must.
        Given that they have to support mobile version, I can only see it implemented as a slider that improves existing enchantments. Say, you have an runic sword of +3% to fire dmg. Now, click on rune and drag runic slider to the right to see how much you can improve that existing +3% to +X% if you invest certain amount of your rune stash. Should be easy to implement just like Item Upgrade slider, but presented to user as a fixed selector [0-10-20...90-100%] of total runes in a pocket.

        I seriosly doubt that they will allow the selection of enchantment on the rune-free items. This is close to impossible to implement UI-wise. Can't really have a lengthy drop-down menu on mobile without breaking UI or making it ugly. On the other hand, rune enhancement is practically already there. Reuse one dialog box, attach one callback and voila.