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    We play the same game aren't we?
    So if I can make progress you can make progress too?

    Or do you want a specifically adjusted guildpet just for ur guild because you're players are mostly mages, dont invest in the guildpet and/or quit the game before they're strong enough to make a difference?
    If you play, like you said, on a 10 year old server and your guild doesnt manage to get over the 5th head than your guild is most likely not very very strong and/or active.

    The hydra isnt meant to show daily progress for all I can say it seems intended that you may need months to get one head further.
    I'm personally perfectly fine with this, my suggestion for a change would be that everyone fights automatically every day,
    because I agree that it is tidious to make your attacks actively each day when you dont see much progress.
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      I can only repeat myself, first hit is key for progress. It's the same with normal Dungeons. You simply can't win when you don't hir first, this goes only for mages! My s1 mage never won a higher dungeon fight without hitting first, same goes for Hydra later. This is the experience I've made in 2 guilds with guild pet as mage.


        The main idea of introducing hydra feature was to enhance cooperation (or create cooperation), reanimate guild, make more team play etc. It didn't work, hydra didn't enhance anything, guilds are dead like it was before. This is not the way guild should look like (now it's only bunch of players that uses bonuses for their single player game).
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          I think the Guild Pet needs to take into account every bonus (Underworld Trainer) that every player has. Including if everyone has strike first scroll.
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          Any staff or sponsored players with access to free/unlimited mushrooms are null and void for any achievements


            Agree here, the normal pets also get the critical strike bonus from gladiator.